Partners Dr. Lucas Pavlovich & Dr. Richard Topping are proud to say they have treated local athletes since 1996.


No matter the sport or level of competition, Tygart Valley Orthopedics & Sports Medicine is here to treat your sports injury needs. We have treated local high school, collegiate, and intramural athletes with a wide variety of sports related injuries.

Additionally, our physicians work hand in hand with coaches, athletic trainers, and physical therapists in order to provide the best possible care and rehabilitation for athletes.

We are also proud advocates of our local mountain recreational resorts.

Over the years Tygart Valley Orthopedics & Sports Medicine has treated many injuries occurring on the resort during the summer or winter seasons.

Both Dr. Pavlovich and Dr. Topping are avid recreational outdoors adventurists and enjoy caring for those with similar passions.

The next time you are found with a sports injury, consider us to treat your needs and get you back to your activity as soon as possible.

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